With Fred Skogland, Varun Jaglan and James Dobson, Learn to: - Use Technology for Touches - Get Familiar and Comfortable with Bomb Bomb - Use the Video Walk-Thru - Use Social Media & Tech Toys for Lead Generating

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Learn About: - Getting a Personal Mortgage for your Investment Property - Getting a Mortgage through a Corporation for an Investment Property - Having Multiple Investors on one Mortgage & What that Looks like in the Application Process
Reap Rewards from your Geographic Farm with Tried-and-True Door Knocking Tips and other Techniques that Work!
Get a Full Overview of the Builder, the Development & Receive the Lake Suites Brochure, Floor Plans & Pricing
Google Drive Training with Tyler Delaney Learn: - Everything You Need To Know About Google Sheets, Google Docs & Google Hangouts! - How to Keep Photos, Stories, Designs, Drawings, Recordings, Videos, and STAY Organized - How to Communicate and Share Info with Team Members, Clients, Family & MORE!
Online Lead Generating with Jason Weinberger Learn All You Need To Know About Online Lead Generating!
James Benson Shares Tips On How to Achieve Your Highest Level of Success!
Learn How To Be More Effective In Servicing & Retaining Your Clients As A Realtor!
Our March Office Meeting Was a Success! Thank You To Everyone Who Came Out and Received Their 2018 Achievement Award! See You At Our Next Office Meeting!
Learn How To: Be In Control Of Your Schedule & How to Maximize Your Time & Productivity!
Learn All You Need To Know About Today's Mortgage Market In Order To Close The Deal!
Learn how to Build Your Real Estate Team with Julie Kinnear! From Hiring Your First Administrator or Agent to Creating a Team Vision/Mission to Delegating Clients to Team Members. Find Out When The Time Is Right!
Learn All You Need to Know About Estate Sales with Daniel La Gamba
Learn How to Spend Your Money Efficiently on Facebook and Ensure Your Reaching Your Targeted Audience!
A Spectacular Session with Keller William's Canadian Technology Program Director - Gilles Plourde! Learn about where technology is heading and it's potential impacts on your real estate business.
Collaborate with James, Learn to help your clients set up their own searches to view active listings with your oversight; to search active and unavailable listings any device - with NO app; how to get real-time listing updates to your e-mail; how you and your clients can like, share and add comments on listings; working on teams with office colleagues; how to check your news feed and track client activity and how you can create your own custom search boundaries with the map search!
Learn How to Get to a YES with Your Clients!
You Will Learn to Love the MREA Budget Model and Plan Your Way to a Successful 2019.
Learn how to Build Your Real Estate Team with Julie Kinnear, who gives insight on how to hire your assistant and other team members, how to create a team vision or mission and how to pass clients on to another team member successfully.
Learn about the BMO Rate Forecast for 2019 with Gregory Astourian and Andrea Sabatini
Watch how to Maximize Print Material for Your Listing to Sell them Faster with Jesper Andersen from Signs in the Making!
Flow Through Shares with Steve Blasiak from Pinnacle Wealth. Steve discusses tax reduction strategies that traditionally were used only by the ultra rich to lower their tax payable.
Lunch & Learn session at Keller Williams Neighbourhood Realty with Anton Brunga from Brunga Law Barristers & Solicitors. Anton helped educate our agents on Contracts & Clauses, including; standards of conduct, agent as a purchaser, attempts to evade payment of commission and deposits.
Learn how you can serve your clients better, ensure a smooth experience and encourage more referrals!
Learn how Ben Bisset can help you identify people in your network that actually like to refer and provide you with strategies to get more out of those relationships.
Keller Williams is the most technologically advanced Real Estate Company in the world. Investing billions of dollars to bring state of the art technology to your real estate business. Are you curious about what technologies to come? Join Conrad Rygier for an overview.
Learn about the Top 10 KW Tech Tools with Aaron Kyte - Marketing & Technology Coordinator at Keller Williams (Referred, Referred Urban, & Lifestyles) Realty.
Michael Schmidt from HouseMasters on Secondary Basement Suites!
Michael Schmidt, Area Director of HouseMaster Home Inspections in Toronto, who discusses how to "pass" a home inspection. A home sale can be a busy, stressful time for a homeowner, but there are certain things a seller and their realtor can do to help the transaction proceed smoothly.
Gilles Plourde joins us at the Keller Williams Neighbourhood Realty office to discuss the upcoming technology.
Your bright move on expectations and results for decluttering and staging with Oksana Kovalenko.

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