*If you are a KWNR agent and have yet to sign up for a free professional profile, please email andy@kwnr.ca*

Adding New Vendors (Using a computer browser)


  1. Log into your account at the following link: Homekeepr Pro

  2. Once Logged in you will be greeted by the Dashboard



       3.  On the Dashboard Select "Add More Vendors"

       4. Fill out the fields and categorize the vendor accordingly.

       5. Select "Submit"

The Vendor has now been added to our database and is accessible by all agents who are affiliated to our brokerage in their settings.  

*If you are not affiliated with the brokerage as of yet, please email andy@kwnr.ca for further assistance.*

Adding New Vendors (Using a Mobile Device)

How To Add Appliance Manuals to Homekeepr